1.Trajectory Optimization for Cellular-connected Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) as Aerial Gateway in Wireless Cellular Network based on Three Dimensional Coverage Visualization. .
2.Multi-objective Integrated Swarm-Predictive Analytical Algorithm for Electric Vehicle Charging Demand in Power Grids .
3.Predictions of Low-Velocity Impact Performances and Damages of Fiber Reinforced Composites Using Machine Learning Models. .
4.Evaluation on the multisensor technology for the bridge deformation analysis in supporting the Bridge Management System (BMS) .
5.Electro-magnetohydrodynamics hemodynamics hybrid nanofluid through nonuniform asymmetry multistenosed aneurysmal artery with nonlinear radiation using COMSOL .
6.New Security Framework for Wearable Identification and Localization using Adversarial Learning for 3D Indoor Localization System .
7.Interaction of Zinc Oxide nanofluids in photocatalytic membrane reactor for palm oil mill secondary effluent treatment .
8.Investigation of Compact Modular Rotor Permanent Magnet Flux Switching Machine by Employing Finite Element Analysis for Future Hybrid Electric Vehicles .
9.Deep Self-Organising Map (SOM)-based k-medoids Clustering for Predicting Fetal Hypoxia Using Fetal Heart Rate and ST Features as Potential Biomarkers .
10.Eco-friendly Corrosion Inhibitors for Preventing Electromigration Effect in Multilayer Substrate for Microelectronics Devices .
11.Bridging Sustainability and Safety in Automotive Crash Management System (CMS) through Sustainable Bumper Beam Optimization .
12.Butterfly and Ecosystem Integrity Index (BEII): A rapid assessment of terrestrial ecosystem health in Peninsular Malaysia using butterflies as an innovative environmental evaluation tool .
13.Decoding the key phytochemical components and anti-obesity mechanism of Garcinia parvifolia, an indigenous fruit of Borneo .
14.Diversity, Molecular Systematics and Ecology of Ophiocordyceps (zombies ants) of Peninsular Malaysia .
15.Enhanced Terms Selection in Query Expansion Framework using Recurrent Neural Network for Synsets Interrelationship to Improve Accuracy for Quran and Hadith Relevance Judgment .
16.Investigation on the Potential of Encapsulated Calcium Alginate-Gelatin Anisotropic Gold Nanoparticles as a New Dengue Vector Control Against Aedes Aegypti .
17.Development of UTHM Intelligent Drone-Based Surveillance System ?RajaRonda Drone? .
18.Clustering of Fuzzy Support Machine Learning Application in Predicting early symptoms of Lung Cancer at Malaysia .
19.Characterization of fruit seed oil emulsions .
20.Aerial Orthomosaic and Underwater Topographic Mapping of Habitats of Commercial Sea Cucumber (Gamat) Populations in Pangkor and Langkawi with Mitochondrial Data Support .

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