1.BP Renalcare Research Fund .
2.Investigation Of Zooplankton Biodiversity as Bioindicator of Health Status of Merambong Seagrass Ecosystems at Different Phases of Reclamation .
3.Greywater and rain purification by using solar water,distillation system with enhanced evaporation and condensation technichs .
4.Fabrication new technique of high performance antifouling thin film membrane nanocomposite using incorporating metal-organic framework into a substrate layer .
5.Residents satisfaction model for abondoned housing project .
6.Measuring job stress experienced by small and medium sized enterprise in improving technology absorptive capacity in construction projects .
7.Assymetric cointegration relationship between securitised and unsecuritised property markets: A case of Malaysia commercial property market .
8.The development of building information modelling (BIM) performance index for Malaysian construction industry .
9.A GIS model for the analysis of urban sprawl through road network system .
10.An improved technique based on hidden markov model (HMM) for automatic audio chord recognition .
11.Mathematical modelling of bioconvection boundary layer flow of a nanofluid .
12.A new optimization algorithm for mechanical engineering problem .
13.Symptom-oriented control strategy for a clinically compliant simulator of upper limb spasticity .
14.Effect of acoustic excitation toward jet flame shape .
15.High Speed Rail (HSR) noose shape characterisation and optimisation to reduce drag resistance .
16.Enhancing face anti-spoofing with the combination of Moire Pattern analysis and Histogram of Oriented Optical Flow (HOOF) .
17.Structural behaviour of precast self-compacting concrete panel incorporating agricultural waste subjected to flexural load .
18.Buckling behaviour of cold-formed steel channel compression member under post fire conditions .
19.Strength propertiesof green concrete mix with palm oil fuel ash, rice hush ash,palmoil fibre and recycled concrete aggregate .
20.New approach in assessing and mitigating construction cost overrun using support system (DSS) .

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