21.Sugar Content - Fructose, Sucrose, and D-glucose Molecular Characterization by using Terahertz Spectroscopy with High Selectivity Frequency Selective Surfaces .
22.A Novel Algorithm for Energy and Spectral Efficiency in Massive-MIMO System with Adaptive Antenna Selection and Power Allocation .
23.Charactherization of Rain drops shapes and oscillation modes of tropical rain for mili metre wave 5g networks .
24.Sustainability study on surface water treatment by using an innovative Hydro-E model for daily water usage .
25.The moderating effect of no Malaysian scholarship on critical success factors for international education marketing: the case of Malaysian Public University (IPTA) .
26.Development and Evaluation on In Vitro Bioactivity of 3D Printed Biomedical Scaffold from Natural Hydroxyapatite (HAp), Polycaprolactone (PCL), and Montmorillonite (MMT). .
27.Approaches on the root causes for affordable housing crisis in Malaysia .
28.The development of a flux splitting method using a first order system approach for shock capturing .
29.Optimizing the performance of cryoblasting process as alternatives of green technology for abrasives blasting and minimizing enviromental impact and health effect .
30.Potential of polypropylene composite reinforced kenaf fiber in dynamic structural application .
31.Integration of a CNG-Diesel Dual Fuel System with Conventional Diesel Engine .
32.Characterization on engine performances and exhaust gas emissions of four cylinder 4-stroke gasoline engine using LSI-LPG fueling technique .
33.A collaborative Multi-agency Platform for Building Resilient Communities .
34.Improved rutile-phased TiO 2 thin film by surface modification for dye- sensitized solar cell .
35.Visible light active rutile-phased TiO? thin film for palm iol mill effluent treatment .
36.Investigation of bio-energy from living trees for forest fires detection sensors application .
37.Assessment of beamforming technique for qualitative ultrasound image enhancement .
38.Computer aided diagnosis (CAD) system for ischemic stroke detection .
39.Space charge analysis of polymer biocomposite material under normal and moisture condition for hihg voltage application .
40.Investigation of cell response and surface interfacial interactions on protein pattern surface with pulse electric field .

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