2981.Profil Pengajaran-Pembelajaran Pensyarah di KUiTTHO .
2982.Interactive Physic Module .
2983.Feasibility Study of Subdrainage Facilities in KUiTTHO Campus .
2984.To Improve the Mechanical Properties of Recycled abs-pc Blends (Engineering Thermoplastic) by addition of additive .
2985.The Development of Campus Facility Information Using GIS .
2986.Slope Detection .
2987.Non Parametric Analysis Using Neural Network to Forecast Pattern and Future Point of X-bar and R Control Chart .
2988.Peramalan dan Pemodelan Carta Kawalan X-bar dan R menggunakan Analisis Siri Masa .
2989.Remote Real Time Vital Signs Monitoring System .
2990.Production of Manual Using Sokkia Set 5F Total Station and SDR Mapping & Design Software for Automation in Topographical Survey .
2991.Production and Assessment of Self-Directed Learning Manual (SDLM) on Calculation Earth-works Volumes Using SDR Mapping & Design Software .
2992.Identification of Meteorological Station in the New Campus, KUiTTHO .
2993.Monitor Vegetation Condition in Local Land-use Using Developed Aerial Photographs .
2994.Rainfall Harvesting Study in the KUiTTHO Campus .
2995.Regionalisation Study of Rainfall Distribution in Batu Pahat .
2996.Analysis and Design of Space Frame Connections Using Finite Element Analysis .
2997.Simulasi kandungan Logam-logam Berat di Sg. Bekok menggunakan Perisian QUAL2E .
2998.Solidification/Stabilisation of Hazardous Wastes Using Cement .
2999.Developing Design Tables for Steel Roof Trusses .
3000.Real time simulation and control of a 3 degrees of freedom manipulator .

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