3201.Water Quality Improvement of ungai Keawar Segamat ( Prototype Test site ) Using Eco Bio Block ( EBB ) .
3202.Eco-Efficient Mortars : Impac Of The Use of Ceramic aste As Fine Aggrerates On The Properties of Mortal .
3203.Treatment of Rainwater Quality Using Biosand Filtration .
3204.Fabrication, Characterization and Optimization of the First In-House MOSFET Transistor using Spin on Dopant Technique .
3205.Preliminary Study to Develop a Device to Alert Driver Travelling at Safe Following Distance .
3206.A Study on Cement Admixed Soil with Timber Industrial Ash (TIA) .
3207.Development Of Modular And Real-Time Manufacturing Machine Control Software Systems .
3208.Penglibatan Pelajar Dalam Kegiatan Kokurikulum dan Hubungannya Dalam Mambina Gaya Kepimpinan Pelajar Satu Tinjauan ke Atas Pelajar Sarjana PTV, UTHM. .
3209.Think English and Write in English: A Study on UTHM Students .
3210.Development Of A Novel Atmosphere Conditioning System To Improve The Working Environment In High Temperature Industrial Ambience .
3211.Developing Knowledge Sharing Portal .
3212.Developing SME's Halal Portal of Batu Pahat .
3213.Sensor for Animal Pathogen Detection System Using Mems Technology .
3214.Development Of Classification Model For Purpose Built Offices In Malaysia .
3215.i-UCTU (Intelligent Unmanned Car to User System) and U-TRAC (Universal Tracking System) .
3216.A Study on the Effectiveness of Traffic Sign .
3217.The Impact of Heavy Vehicles on Residents on Arterial Roads along Batu Pahat to Ayer Hitam .
3218.A Study on Contaminants Spatial Distribution in Rainwater at Parit Raja Industrial and Residential area .
3219.Study of Local Pozzolans from Waste Product as Cement Replacement in Concrete Technology .
3220.Bonding Between Concrete and Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Bars with Different Embedment Lenghts .

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