3201.Rain water harvesting .
3202.Modeling, simulation and wvaluation of laboratory 4-cylinder diesel test engine .
3203.Numerical and experimental investigation of the aerodynamics of the plenum chamber in a swirling fluidized bed .
3204.Investigation of the drying for ceramic shell mould system .
3205.Effects of runner diameter on the mechanical strength and porosity distribution of thin section castings .
3206.Keberkesanan penerapan kemahiran insaniah dalan kalangan pelajar UTHM .
3207.Altera (FPGA) design for DC-DC converter (Boost) with Polse Width Modulation (PWM) .
3208.Autonomous lawnmower controlled by programmable logic controller .
3209.Design of miniaturised reflectarray antenna with enhanced bandwidth improvement .
3210.Application of Optical CDMA in Access Network .
3211.Miniature wideband fractal antenna .
3212.Circularly polarized narrow-slot circular patch rectenna for wireless power transmission at 2.4GHz .
3213.Development of monitoring system for bus arrival / departure using sonar and infrared sensors .
3214.Development of Web-based network troubleshooting expert system with agents .
3215.Student supervision system using RFID .
3216.The implementation of a practical controller for pendulum balancing of linear servo system .
3217.Keberkesanan pengajaran dan pembelajaran dan kaitannya terhadap prestasi akademik pelajar UTHM .
3218.Generalized and localized corrosion in corroded reinforced concrete beams using finite element modelling .
3219.Concrete using plam oil fiber under different curing conditions .
3220.A study of residential building types in Malaysia in relation to the occupants' thermal comfort .

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