3761.The Corrosion Behavior Of 6061 And 6063 Aluminum Alloy Using Hard Anodizing .
3762.The Development of Automated Paddlewheel Circulator Using Aquaculture Database to Control Dissolved .
3763.The Development of Sampling Devices to Observe Feeding Rate in the Prawn Ponds .
3764.Vibration And Deformation Analysis Of Plate Composite With Embedded Sma Wires .
3765.Program Latihan Mengajar KUiTTHO (PLMK): Penerokaan Kecekapan Mengajar Pensyarah Pelatih Siswazah .
3766.Determination of Inorganic Anions and Cations in Drinking Water By Ion Chromatography (IC) .
3767.A Prototype Intellectual Capital Benchmarking System for Strategic Facilities & Property Management .
3768.On Line Monitoring of Dust in Central Air Conditioning Duct to Avoid Sick Building Syndrome .
3769.Full Scale Performance Evaluation of Diff. Geotextiles used in Road Embankments Constructed on Soft Soil Condition .
3770.Training Needs in Facilities Management: A Study Among Officers in Local Authorities in Malaysia .
3771.Gaya Pembelajaran Visual Pelajar Teknikal Menerusi Pembangunan Koswer Berorentasikan Grafik &Animasi .
3772.Mineralogy, microstructure and microfabric studies of Johor Granitic Residuals Soils at Grade VI .
3773.A Study On The Impact Of Housing Legislation On The Provision Of Affordable Quality Housing in Malaysia .
3774.Pengurusan Kualiti Bekalan Air di Daerah Batu Pahat .
3775.An Investigation Into The Acceleration of Biodegradation of Gaharu Tree Trunk to Agarwood .
3776.Sosial Ekonomi Scavenger (pengutip sampah): Kes studi di Johor Darul Ta'zim .
3777.Geo-Environmental Hazard Alert System .
3778.Study of Differential Settlement for Road Pavement Constructed on Soft Soil Condition using Diff. Geotextile .
3779.Integrasi Pengurusan Pemulihan Sisa Pepejal Perbandaran .
3780.Use Of Waste Glass As A Fine Aggregate In Asphalt Pavement .

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