41.An improved technique based on hidden markov model (HMM) for automatic audio chord recognition .
42.Tajuk Baharu: Bioconvection boundary layer flow of a nanofluid with several conditions Tajuk Asal:Mathematical modelling of bioconvection boundary layer flow of a nanofluid .
43.Tajuk Program:Antifouling Enchancement for membrance water separation performance via iosynthesis additive and second order Back Propagation Neural Network (BPNN) optimization technique Tajuk Projek : Antifouling study of the ZnO bio-synthesis polymer mixed matric membrane using various natural organic matter (NOM) medium .
44.Optimization of the modified membrane towards antifouling mechanism via second order back propagation method (Neural Network) (BPNN) .
45.Enhancement of phase-inversed membrance via biosynthesized additive .
46.Utilization of Sugarcane Bagasse Ash (SCBA) in Johor Peat Stabilization .
47.Fault Detection and Diagnostics of Copper Cables using FPGA-Based Test Gear .
48.Development of Optical Tomography Instrument for Oil Palm Fresh Fruit Bunches (OPFFB) Inspection .
49.Wideband Flexible Antenna For Microwave Head Imaging Applications .
50.Investigation of Dielectric Properties for Pulverizd Material Using Transmission/Reflection Method .
51.Investigation of New Field Excitation Flux Switching Linear Motor (FEFS-LM) Through Sizing Equation Approach for Railway Application .
52.New Technique for Intelligent Agent Group in Massive Human Crowd Simulation .
53.On the Mitigation Techniques to Counter Attack Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) In More Electric Vehicle .
54.Determination of Implementation MS 2593:2015 against Current Practice for Better Provision of Temporary on-Site Accommodation for Construction Labours .
55.Development of Ocean Surface Wave Monitoring System .
56.Residual Bond Capacity of Highly Corroded Reinforced Concrete Structure .
57.The Methane Recovery from the Anaerobic Co-Digestion of Domestic Sewage Sludge and Food Waste .
58.Development of Surrogate Human Thermal Comfort Sensor for Comfort Evaluation .
59.The Impact of Acidified Peat Soils on Surface Water Quality in Batu Pahat .
60.Generalization of Traffic Noise Level Distribution for Comprehensive Traffic Noise Assessments and Predictions .

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