4461.Biological Treatment of Chicken Processing Wastewater With Three Layer Sand Filtration .
4462.Interlocking Beam-to-Column Precast Connection .
4463.Air Quality Study in KUiTTHO Campus .
4464.Case Study : "Problem-Based-Learning in Mathematics Engineering Subjects for Undergraduates of Civil & Environmental Engineering Faculty at KUiTTHO" .
4465.Development Of Knowledge Management System Modeling For Facilities Management In Malaysia .
4466.A Comparative Study on Feedforward Neural Networks and Univariate Time Series Forecasting for Crude Palm Oil Prices Data .
4467.Kesihatan dan Keselamatan Orang Awam di Sekitar Fasiliti Pengurusan Sampah Sarap .
4468.Developing a Conceptual Model for the Identification & Quantifying of Physical Obsolescense in the Inspection of Plant, Machinery and Equipment .
4469.E-Procurement Application and its Impact to Contractor's Business : with focus on buildin's contractors in Malaysia .
4470.Quality Management Practices : case study among bumiputera Entreprenuers in Johor .
4471.The Implimentation of Facilities Management Concept for Best Practice in Construction Management : Study case among construction companies in Malaysia .
4472.Design and Fabricate the Solar Powered Lawn Mower .
4473.Development of Continuous Profile for Surface Elevation .
4474.Penghasilan Kit Sumber SYS.TPU.2 Dalam Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran Pendidikan Teknikal di KUiTTHO : satu ABBM .
4475.Characterization of Soil Profile at RECESS Area Using Geophysical and Borehole Method .
4476.Development of Suitable Model of Cyber Manufacturing Technology for Application in Local SMEs .
4477.Landslide Data Management in Geographic Information System .
4478.Development of ELF/VLF Observation Stations for Lightning and Ionospheric Measurements .
4479.The Application of Knowledge Management Concept in Facilities Management Within Business Organisation .
4480.Kajian Hakisan Pantai Dan Hubungkaitnya Dengan Pembangunan Menggunakan Kaedah ANN .

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