4561.Determination of peak ground acceleration on surface by using soil investigation data at KUiTTHO .
4562.The development of Computer-Based Inventory System for Technical Laboratories .
4563.E-Curriculum:Enabling the management of Curriculum Digitally .
4564.E-Pengurusan Aset dan Inventori .
4565.Design and Development of An Open System Smart Phone Operating System .
4566.Surveillance System with Facial Recognition Using Neural Network Technology .
4567.Compolite Foam Generation .
4568.Application of an Advanced Manufacturing Technology in the Industrial Sector .
4569.Development of Fast-Erected Precast Lightweight Concrete Acoustics Building .
4570.To determine the sources and causes of waste and residuals and calculate the amounts generated from medium density fibreboard (MDF) factory .
4571.The extents of air and water pollutions in Kolej Universiti Teknologi Tun Hussein Onn (KUiTTHO) campus caused by surrounding factories .
4572.Rekabentuk Kotak Acuan Dalam Pembinaan Struktur Tiang Jeti .
4573.Kajian Sifat Kejuruteraan Kotak Acuan Daripada Papan Komposit Dalam Kerja Konkrit .
4574.Prediction Palm Oil Price Using Neural Network .
4575.Smart Health Card for Smarter Health Care .
4576.Design of Fibre to The Home (FTTH) Network .
4577.Building of Completely Safe Workstation for Fabrication of Electronic Components and Devices .
4578.Industrial Needs of Information Communication Technology (ICT) Skills for Information Technology (IT) Students .
4579.Development of Multimedia Interactive System for Dakwah and Tarbiyah .
4580.Abel Inversion Software Programme to Calculate Pressure Differences .

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