5081.Properties of Particle Board Manufacturing Technology in the Industrial Sector .
5082.The Use of Software Systems to Design and Optimization The Flexible Manfacturing System .
5083.A Novel Controller for High Current Resistance Welding Set .
5084.Three phase AC motor speed control with Binary Bits .
5085.Development of Laser Profiler to measure International Roughness Index (IRI) .
5086.Production of ceramics filter using additives and bindes material for aluminium alloy casting .
5087.Gelcasting of ceramic materials .
5088.Design and Evaluation of The Student Academic Retrieval System Using SMS Gateway .
5089.Modelling and Simulation in Support of the Design and Construction of Business Driven Manufacturing Automation Systems .
5090.Penilaian keupayaan teknologi di sektor elektrik dan elektronik di Johor .
5091.Corak Pengurusan Masa Dalam Proses Pembelajaran di KUiTTHO .
5092.Kesedaran dan Amalan Integrasi Nasional di IPT .
5093.Potensi keterlibatan Dalam Bidang Keusahawan Di Kalangan Pelajar-pelajar KUiTTHO & Perbandingan dengan (IPTA) .
5094.The Use of Palm Oil Clinker in Lightweight Reinforced Concrete .
5095.Waste Generation Rate, Shredding and Recycling of Waste Paper in KUiTTHO .
5096.Development of Metal Plate Connection Basic Working Loads for Malaysia Joint Group Timbers .
5097.Development of Building Maintenance Data Base Network System for Maintenance Staffs to Plan Forecast and Perform Maintenance Works. (KUiTTHO Environment) .
5098.Low Cost Domestic TV Antenna Enhancer System .
5099.The Development of Alternative Teaching Package .

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