Staff Profile

Designation DS54 - PROFESOR MADYA
StatusCuti Sangkutan Industri

Field of Expertise

Field (KPT) Aerospace
Field of Specialization (KPT) Aircraft Design

Areas of Research Interest

1. Light Aircraft Design & Manufacturing
2. Aerial Crop Spraying System
3. UAV Design
4. Control System Design (Mechanical)

Innovation Field of Interest

1. Solar-Powered Aircraft
2. Electrical-Powered Aircraft
3. Aerial Crop Spraying System for Microlight Aircraft

Academic Qualification


Professional Appointments

DS54 - Profesor Madya

Management Experience

16/09/2014 - 15/09/2015 Timbalan Dekan (Hal Ehwal Pelajar Dan Alumni)
Fakulti Kejuruteraan Mekanikal dan Pembuatan
15/09/2012 - 15/09/2014 Timbalan Dekan (Hal Ehwal Pelajar Dan Alumni)
Fakulti Kejuruteraan Mekanikal dan Pembuatan, Bahagian Pentadbiran dan Kewangan
01/01/2011 - 31/12/2012 Ketua Panel
Fakulti Kejuruteraan Mekanikal dan Pembuatan, Bahagian Pentadbiran dan Kewangan
01/09/2009 - 31/12/2010 Ketua Panel
Fakulti Kejuruteraan Mekanikal dan Pembuatan, Bahagian Pentadbiran dan Kewangan

Professional Societies

25/11/2009 - 31/12/9999 Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM)
Jurutera Siswazah Kebangsaan

Teaching Experience

2017 Visiting Professor, VELTECH Dr. RR & Dr. SR University, April 2017, Chennai, India. International
2017 Airport Management (BDU30102), Sesi 2017/2018 Semester 1, UTHM University
2017 Flight Stability & Control (BDL30102), Sesi 2017/2018 Semester 1, UTHM University
2012 Electromechanical & Control System University
2012 Aircraft Design University
2011 Aircraft Structure University
2011 Control System Design (MDM10103), Sem/Session II 2010/2011 University
2011 Control Engineering (BDA3073), Sem/Session II 2010/2011 University
2010 Engineering Drawing (BDU10103), Sem/Session I 2010/2011 University
2010 Statics (BDA10203), Sem/Session I 2010/2011 University
2005 Dynamics (DDA2063), Sem/Session II 2004/2005 University
2004 Mechanic of Machines (BKM3133), Sem/Session I 2004/2005 University
2001 CAD & Modeling (BKM2042), Sem/Session II 2001/2002 University
2000 Plant Engineering (DTM3193), Sem/Session II 2000/2001 University

Research Grants And Contracts

CodeTitleDesignationEnd Date
U996 Development Of High Payload Drone Ketua 31/10/2020
1548 CFD Simulation, Laboratory Experimentation and Field Test of Low Altitude and Low Airspeed Aerial Crop Spraying to Increase the Aerial Spraying Effectiveness Ketua 30/04/2019
S028 The Development Of An Adaptive Flight Controller And System Identification Methoed For Rotorcraft Based Unmanned Aerial System (RUAS) Using Fully Tuned Neural Model And Model Predictive Control Approach Ahli 31/10/2018
1489 Efficient Mobile Robot Path Planning Algorithm for Navigation in Dynamic and Cluttered Environments. Ahli 28/02/2018
E034 Wind Energy Harvesting Technique As Alternative Source Of Energy To Empower An Aircraft During Landing Phase Ahli 31/05/2017
U296 To Develop A Cost-Effective, Light Weight, Variable Speed Controlled and Multi-Functional Machine Equipped with Detachable Crop Dusting System for Agriculture Industry Ahli 31/01/2016
0732 Simulation and Experimental Studies of the Aerodynamics Behaviour of a Small Ducted-Fan Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Ketua 31/08/2013
0789 Development of an autonomous controller for a Mini VTOL Aerial Robot Ketua 14/03/2012


Nurhayati Rosly , Sofian Mohd, Mohd Hazruwadi Husain , Zamri Omar , Zulkhairi Subari, Muhamad Zaini Yunos
(2019) Design Proposal Of The Energy Installation System For Vehicle'S Wind Turbine, IOP CONF. SERIES: JOURNAL OF PHYSICS, IOP Publishing , 1, 1, ISSN:17426596
Safyanu Bashir Danjuma, Zamri Omar , and Mohd Noor Abdullah
(2018) Review Of Photovoltaic Cells For Solar-Powered Aircraft Applications , INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY, UTHM , 11, 131, ISSN:2227524X
R Saim, S Mohd, S S Shamsudin, M F Zulkifli, Z Omar, Z Subari@Rahmat, M F Mohd Masrom, Y Zaki
(2017) Computational Fluid Dynamics (Cfd) Analysis On Aludra Sr-10 Uav With Parachute Recovery System, IOP CONFERENCE SERIES: MATERIALS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING, IOP Publishing Ltd , 9, 012014 , ISSN:17578981
Zamri Omar, Nurfazliawati Idris, M.Zulafif Rahim
(2017) Preliminary Design Of Aerial Spraying System For Microlight Aircraft, JOURNAL OF PHYSICS: CONFERENCE SERIES, Institute of Physics Publishing , 10, 1, ISSN:17426596
Prosiding / Seminar
M.A. Haikal Ahmad, M. Zulafif Rahim, M. F. Mohd Fauzi, Aslam Abdullah, Z Omar, Songlin Ding, A.E Ismail, and M. Rasidi Ibrahim
(2018) Catalytic Aided Electrical Discharge Machining Of Polycrystalline Diamond - Parameter Analysis Of Finishing Condition, INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS PUBLISHING , 1, ISBN:1757899X
Hassan Ali, Erwan Sulaiman, Zamri Omar
(2018) Design And Investigation Of Segmented Rotor Dual Stator He Fsm For Aircraft Applications, INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERS INC. , 173, ISBN:9781538635278
Siti Natasha Malik Fesal, Mas Fawzi and Zamri Omar
(2017) A Numerical Analysis Of Flat Fan Aerial Crop Spray , IOP CONF. SERIES , 1, ISBN:17578981
Zamri Omar , Kua Yong Qiang , Sofian Mohd, Nurhayati Rosly
(2016) Cfd Simulation Of Aerial Crop Spraying , IOPscience , 1 , ISBN:1757-899X
Zamri Bin Omar
(2012) Numerical Simulation For Aerodynamic Characteristics Of A New Ducted-Fan Vtol Uav Configuration, UniMAP
Zamri Bin Omar
(2010) Aerodynamic Estimation Of An Annular Airfoil By Using Cfd Method, UTHM
Zamri Bin Omar
(2008) Genetic-Fuzzy Control For Autonomous Ducted-Fan Vtol Uav
Zamri Bin Omar
(2008) The Development Of A New Vtol Uav Configuration For Law Enforcement
Zamri Bin Omar
(2007) Aerodynamic Characteristics Of A Mini Vt0l Ducted-Fan Uav
Zamri Bin Omar
(2007) The Application Of Fuzzy Logic On Transition Maneuver Control Of A New Ducted-Fan Vt0l Uav Configuration
Zamri Bin Omar
(2007) The Optimization Of Fuzzy Logic Controller For Uav Transition Manoeuvre, Messey University
Zamri Bin Omar
(2006) Control System Design Applications To Innovative Uav Concepts And Operations: Intelligent Control For A New Vtol Uav Configuration
Zamri Bin Omar
(2006) Uav Hovering Control Using Intelligent Fuzzy Technique


2017 Consultative Panel for MQA for Bachelor Degree Program Evaluation for Equivalency Level National
2015 Perundingan penyemakan Kurikulum Diploma Penyenggaraan Pesawat Kolej Vokasional/Malaysia Aviation Training Academy bagi tujuan Akreditasi MQA National
2015 Holder of Malaysia Private Pilot License (Aeroplane), Type rating; Cessna 172 National
2011 Perundingan Pembangunan Program Akademik & Pengujian Peralatan Makmal bagi Program Diploma Kejuruteraan Mekanikal di IKBN Temerloh National
2010 Advisor, Space Tourism Design Competition Team, Batu Pahat High School District
2010 Design Competition Evaluator (hosted by Sek. Men. Sains Muar) International
2010 Website University
2009 Advisor, Water Rocket Competition Team, Batu Pahat Secondary Schools District


2017 Supervisor for Fahmil Bin Zakaria, BEng, UTHM, 2017 Supervisor
2017 Supervisor for Bashir Syafnu, PhD, UTHM, 2017 Supervisor
2017 Examinar for PhD Thesis: Hasan Taher M.Elkamel (2017): The Developmentof Reynolds Averaged Navier Stokes Solver For A Two Dimensional Compressible Flow Problem. Examiner
2017 Supervisor for Mohd Akmal Bin Abdul Rahman, BEng, UTHM, 2017 Supervisor
2017 Supervisor for Siti Natasha Bt Malik Fesal, PhD, UTHM, 2017 Supervisor
2017 Supervisor for Wahyu Hidayat, BEng, UTHM, 2017 Supervisor
2015 Novel Approach To Integrate RFID Network Planning With XBEE Network, Aftab Ahmed Soomro, PhD Thesis, UTHM, August 2015 Examiner
2013 Design and Stability Analysis of A Small Scale Unmanned Air-Land-Water Vehicle, Arhami Abd Mutallib, PhD Thesis, UTHM, 2013 Examiner
2012 Reviewer for International Conference for Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering Assessor
2012 Reviewer for Frontiers in Aerospace Engineering Journal Assessor
2011 Abdelrazzak Gumaa M Mohammed, The Application of Combined Momentum and Blade Element Theory for Aerodynamics Performance Analysis of Rotating Blades, UTHM Examiner
2011 Preliminary Design of Solar-Powered Micro Air Vehicle, Morgan Lagan Parag, Bachelor degree, UTHM Supervisor
2011 Wind Tunnel Test for An Annular Airfoil, Tan Hui Siang, Bachelor degree, UTHM Supervisor
2011 Mohd. Faizal Bin Che Mohd Husin, Airfoil Aeodynamics Analysis By Using Viscous-In-Viscid Interaction Scheme, UTHM Examiner
2011 Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation, Wind Tunnel Tests and Performance Analysis on A New Ducted-Fan VTOL UAV Configuration, Fatimah Yusuf, PhD, UTHM Supervisor
2011 Mohamed Abdalwahab Altaher, A Comparative Study Between the Developed Euler Solver Based on A Total Variation Diminishing Runge Kutta Scheme and Fluent Software, UTHM Examiner
2011 Rabi Abrahim Sasi Koshad, Numerical Analysis of Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow in Vertical Rifled Tube,master, UTHM Examiner
2010 The Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis for An Annular Airfoil, Nurul Ainn Md Yasa, Bachelor degree, UTHM Supervisor
2010 Siti Nur Mariani bte Mohd Yunos, Performance Characteristics Monitoring of A Turboprop Engine For The Development of An Engine Testing Facility, Master, UTHM Examiner
2010 Mohd Fauzi Bin Yaakub, The Effect of Vortex Trap on Helicopter Blade Lift, Master, UTHM. Examiner
2009 Development of a Computer Based Controller for a SMC Mini Assembly Cell using NI LabVIEW Software, Nuramin Che Yahaya, Bachelor degree, UTHM Supervisor
2005 The Study of Aerodynamic Properties of NACA 653218 Through Experiment and Computer Fluid Dynamic Simulation, Mohd Salehudin B. Sidek, Bachelor degree Supervisor
2005 Design of Propulsion, Control and Stability of Exploration ROV, Mohd Faizul Aziz B. Kamil, Bachelor degree, UTHM Supervisor
2005 Linear Quadratic Regulator for Active Mass Damper, Aftah Rasul B. Horam@Hasran, Bachelor degree, UTHM Supervisor
2005 Design of Small Mobile Robot Hardware, Noor Ikhsan B. Mohd Jamil, Bachelor degree. Supervisor
2004 The Experimental Study of Aerodynamic Characteristic of Two Fins Rocket at Subsonic Speed, Wan Mohd. Hairie B. Wan Abd. Rashid, Bachelor degree Supervisor
2004 Active Force Control Strategy on An Active Mass Damper, Mohd. Hazwira B. Ramli, Bachelor degree, UTHM Supervisor
2004 Design of Finger Controlled Accelerator for Passenger Car, Jayapoovan A/L M. Arumugam, Bachelor degree, UTHM Supervisor
2004 Proportional derivative (PD) control of self erected inverted pendulum, Ho Shi Theng, Bachelor degree, UTHM Supervisor
2004 Modeling and Simulation of Torsional Disc Dystem, Tay Kok Fook, Bachelor degree Supervisor
2004 Tuning PID Controller on Servo Motor System by Using Ziegler-Nichols Method, Choe Tai Khoon, Bachelor degre Supervisor
2004 Design of Mobile Robot For Educational Purpose, Irinah Bt. Abdullah, Bachelor degree, Supervisor
2004 Modeling and Simulation of Car Suspension System, Faisal Ikram B. Abd Samad, Bachelor degree, UTHM Supervisor
2004 Study of Car Cruise Control System, Norashady B. Mohd Noor, Bachelor degree, UTHM Supervisor
2004 Study of Automatic Washing Machine Control System, Mohamad Fauzi B. Abdul Samad, Bachelor degree, UTHM Supervisor
2003 Preliminary Design of Underwater Remotely-Operated Vehicle For Tropical River, Mohd Sanusi B. Ab. Majid, Bachelor degree Supervisor

Extension & Public Services

2017 Committee Member for KP4B Flying Club National
2012 Commitee Member, Malaysia 4B Flying Club National
2012 Deputy Chairman, PIBG Sek Keb. Jelutong, Parit Raja, Batu Pahat District
2011 Senior Member, International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology International
2011 Associate Officer, Department of Civil Defence Malaysia (JPAM) National
2010 Member, International Association of Engineers International
2009 Registered Member, Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM) National
2004 Advisor Commitee, Advanced Technology Training Centre (ADTEC), Jabatan Tenaga Rakyat National

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